Open Storytelling Circle May 2014

A lovely little group yet again. It is fantastic to start to see us entertaining visitors to Haworth on a regular basis, last night seeing two visitors from the Netherlands come in to listen to and be entertained by our tales.

I (Adam) started the night with a tale of the legendary storyteller of ancient Kordofan, Far-li-mas. It was a fairly bare-bones version, as I had the opportunity to explore just how I wanted to colour and nuance the story, but the telling gave me the chance to explore that with the audience. Paul gave us a story of the giant Gromm (sp?) of Pen Hill, Wensleydale, terrorising maidens and villagers and receiving his just comeuppance.

Jim told us a true tale of an unusual encounter on the bus that remained tantalisingly unresolved, while Craig revisited an old favourite Bardic fable. I delivered up a yarn of three brothers squabbling over a prize of a golden lamb only to discover that their wealth lay in another direction entirely, while Paul followed up with a retelling of a classic horror tale from the pulp horror Weird Tales Magazine from the 1930s.

Andy finished off the tales of the evening with a moving self-penned debut that told of how small things shape big events, while taking us out to view the cycle of the rise and fall of entire civilisations.

All in all another splendid evening. Thank you to everyone, teller and audience, for making it so.

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