Open Storytelling Circle July 2014

I’m hoping that this account of last night’s Haworth Open Storytelling is a fair representation but we had such a diversity of tellings that I can no longer trust my memory 🙂

The evening started with a new poem, Vermillion, from Craig followed by a self-penned “Raven tale” from Adam. Jim gave us a fair shaggy dog story about the Cow that Ate the Piper, followed by Annie giving us the folk tale of how the tongueless boar got to be on the Bradford coat of Arms. Liz told of the Nunnington wyrm before Adam read Craig’s “He Who Walks” and then told The Tale of the Story Needy Girl. We had two new visitors, one of whom told the tale their father of them, of 12 robbers sat around a fire. Annie then regailed us with the tale of the rivalry between the Yorkshire villages of Burnsall and Thorpe and the mystery of the missing Maypole. Jim finished with a local variation of a common tale in which a hob or a boggart is so offended by the rudeness of the farm he would help out on that they are eventually forced to flee, though their efforts prove futile.

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