Open Storytelling Circle August 2014

In Carterhaugh the legends tell
Of woods bewitched by Faery spell
Go amidst Thorn, Ash and Oak
And risk the wrath of Faery folk

We had a small meeting this month, just three of us, and Jim opting to take the role of audience having been all storied out this last weekend 🙂

Craig shared a short metaphorical tale “The Kingdom” which was discussed (at Craig’s request) in relation to possible ways of further developing the story. Adam told the Iraqi tale “The Sage’s Gift”, a short story concerning the value of being brought up with strong, nurturing stories to develop maturity and wisdom, followed by “The Head of Donn Bo”, the story of the famous bard of the court of Fergal, the King of Erin who, despite being beheaded in the failed defense of his king, fulfilled his promise to sing and regale the warriors with his tales one last time. He finished up with a telling of Tam Lin, a work in progress.

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