Open Storytelling Circle September 2014

A few weeks ago I made a solemn vow to make more use of that wonderful word “convivial”. Well, now I can do so. This month’s open storytelling circle was indeed a very convivial affair. We had an audience and new tellers, with George from the Hebden Bridge Shaggy Dog delivering some monologues and an original witty ditty by the monicker of “Fancy Man Stan”. George’s monologues entertained us with tales of local alien abduction, time travellers to Hebden Bridge and a boggart from the bogs.

Jim delivered a true yarn of the time he purchased a vintage bus and tried to move the thing… a tale with elements of Hoffnung’s The Bricklayer’s Lament, I thought. Craig revisited his tale the Kingdom, playing to a new audience this month, as well as his attempt at a reconstructed Indo-European creation myth, He Who Walks. I (Adam) told the old Italian folktale of The Old Lady and the Twelve Books of Wisdom, followed by the Mullah Nasruddin fable of his search for the perfect wife.

In and around the tale spinning, we had many a convivial chat about the nature of story and storytelling and its relationship with other “performance” arts. All in all, a very lovely story-filled evening.

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