Out of the Silence

What an amazing evening. Last night, the Worth Valley Storytelling Guild hosted Out of the Silence, a storytelling performance by Simon Heywood with original songs from Shonaleigh Cumbers. We had 35 audience members, which outstripped my expectations. A spontaneous tea making during the break thanks to the Rev. Chris Upton volunteering to get milk and a group of fantastic ladies diving into the kitchen, which added to the community bonding no end. And the stories… the stories… harrowing and inspiring in equal measure. Thank you Simon, Shonaleigh, Jim for sterling door service, Chris and the ladies-who-make-tea, Si├ón for her faith that we could pull it off an support with promotion, John for photography, all of you for coming and the 16,000 heroic men whose actions make a difference and resonate down generations. I’ll try to get a proper review here shortly

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