Open Storytelling Circle November 2014

Lovely again to have new audience members who turned up for the event, and a new poet, Marion, who was returning to her roots in West Yorkshire. We kicked off the evening with Adam and Emily who previewed a version of Tam Lin they are working on, with the tale as told by Adam interspersed with verses from the ballad sung by Emily. This was followed by some poetry from Marion and some from Kev. Craig re-read a story of his “The Double” and then Jim delivered a bizarre and alarming cautionary tale about eating a duck caught on a moor upon which your friend had been buried!

Marion produced some more of her poetry, showing a range and diversity of mood and subject material, while Em gave us a rendition of “Bold Jamie”, a ballad by Cara Dillon. Adam followed this with a tale from old Egypt, The Black Prince and we finished off the evening with a set of poems from Craig, Kev and Marion.

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