Open Storytelling Circle February 2015

Monday the 16th February was our 36th ever Haworth Open Storytelling Circle! Next March is our 3rd anniversary! Huzzah! I think we’ve proved that we have staying power.

Last night we had 9 folk telling and listening to a multitude of tales, including to visitors to the village from Wigan… for a few moments there at the beginning I (Adam) thought it would be solely me entertaining but two more tellers arrived and a couple of contributions from the listeners kept things rolling. I kicked off, in line with a theme commemorating the 92nd anniversary of the open of the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, with The Blue Faience Hippopotamus, an Egyptian tale of magic, wonder, love and rebirth. George, having popped over from The Shaggy Dog Club in Hebden, delivered some of his monologues starting with Le Grand Depart, a somewhat risque description of events surrounding the Tour de France. Craig gave a rendition of one of his more political poems, Not In My Back Yard, and Andy was kind enough to tell his Advice to Travellers.

George had another monologue up his sleeve, which he referred to as the Todmorden Triangle, a somewhat risque account (see a theme developing here?) of very close encounters of the 3rd kind. Craig told an old favourite, one he told at the very first night, The Fame Game, which prompted Andy to provide an amusing account of someone who was unhappy to discover that they had paid to see the real Midge Ure and not a tribute act! I read a short poem of my own, followed by George with another monologue/song… this one a moving account of the death of a young man out on the battle field.

One of our guests from Wigan recounted an anecdote regarding his sister and his brother-in-law and a ghostly encounter in Ireland, which in turn prompted another anecdote from George about a friend of his and her encounter with Mel Gibson. Craig gave us another poem, The Mead Cup Overflowing and I tried a telling of the Wood Gatherer. George finished on his monologue, Nymphs, a somewhat risque acc… but I think you get the picture 😀

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