Open Storytelling Circle August 2015

August’s storytelling had a different flavour… there were in total 7 of us, but with myself (Adam) as the only teller… fortunately I had come prepared with an array of folktales from around the world all somehow related the the concept of peace and conflict resolution, as I have been invited to host a workshop at the Day of Dance in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, a fundraising event for Yorkshire CND, and I have opted to use it to explore the relationship between storytelling and conflict resolution. So we had tales of bats who were turned away by both birds and animals, we had stories of the friendship between the king of the elephants and the king of the mice, kings judging paintings of peace, monks threatened by samurai and friends stealing horses. Andrew contributed an old favourite of mine, a self-penned tale of Advice to a Traveller, and Graham allowed me to read out two of his poems, which were very well received. And Jane then told us a true tale from the time she moved into her current house and found a wedding band in the garden that belonged to her landlady and had been missing for 40 years! Thank you all for a lovely evening storytelling 🙂

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