Open Storytelling Circle October 2015

A wonderful evening with three new faces Jerry, Nick and Sarah and the return of an old face, Paul, after a fifteen month gap… we missed you Paul 🙂

We had the opening of a tale from Adam, a frame story used to deliver a few other folktales, as well as a devil of the tale from Paul, with a twist in the tale. Sarah treated us to a short story she had penned following a journey along Cold Edge Road, an eerie tale with some beautiful wordsmithery (is that a word? it should be). Nick shared a werewolve tale based on the true accounts of one Peter Stumpp, the “Werewolf of Bedburg” and Jerry gave us a bawdy shaggy dog tale… a true tale anecdote of an uncanny non-encounter from Jim and an allegorical tale of the Kingdom from Craig, while Paul gave us a lively and unusual account of the Prometheus legend. All in all, as I said, a very lovely and convivial evening.

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