Thursday 19th September 2013

Minutes of a committee meeting, held at Haworth Old Hall, Sun Street, Haworth, West Yorkshire, on Thursday 19th September 2013 at 20:00

Present: Adam Sargant, Jim Pickles, Craig Melia.

Apologies for absence: Emily Sargent, Sian Sargant, Julie Atkins, Kevin Campbell-Wright.

The minutes of the August meeting were read and , following a note of a correction required, were duly approved.

Matters Arising :

Correction required to August minutes – date of next meeting was incorrect.

Associate membership of KIVCA. Further criteria to attain full membership required:
1) Copy of the full financial accounts
2) Copy of the Equal Opportunities policy

Bank account now functioning.

Jim has added Adam to a FaceBook Steampunk page. Adam has attended Steampunk meetings and will be storytelling at the Bronte Parsonage in Steampunk dress. Craig has been developing a “Steampunk Flash Gordon” for “the web”.

Adam has been in discussions with the Wuthering Heights Inn at Stanbury and is awaiting their further contact.

Adam was unable to attend the “Le Grand Depart” meeting but has had feedback from the organisation. No funding available from this source.

Jim intends going to a Bradford Council sponsored meeting regarding “Le Grand Depart”.

Craig is drawing up a list of “leading questions” for the Worth Telling project.

Adam’s employers “are listening” to his approaches regarding sponsorship for schools work.

Chairman’s business: The Chairman had no further business

Secretary’s business: The secretary had no further business

Treasurer’s Business: The treasurer had no further business

Marketing, web and branding: There was no further business regarding this.


Craig is looking into “Crowd Source Funding”. A prospectus for this needs drafting and inducements need to be considered.

Adam is running a storytelling workshop in Silsden and one half of the proceeds from this will be donated to WVSG.

Grants may be available through local parish councils.

Any Other Business:

Adam attended a storytelling workshop in Derbyshire and learned about a training provider.

Qureea Academy – This is a storytelling organisation in Afghanistan keeping storytelling alive and promoting peacekeeping. Could we support this organisation, eventually?

Projects for the coming month – Two interview recordings to complete as a test for the “Worth Telling” project.

Adam to draw up plans for a Storytelling Festival and the Storytelling Competition.

Next meeting: Wednesday 23rd October 2013 at the Haworth Old Hall at 20:00

The meeting closed at 20:40