Thursday 20th December 2012

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Minutes of a meeting of the Worth Valley Storytelling Guild held at the Haworth Old Hall, Sun
Street, Haworth, West Yorkshire on Thursday 20th December 2012 at 8pm.

Adam Sargant, Sian Sargant, Emily Sargant (part), Craig Melia, Julie Marie Atkins.

Apologies for absence:
Kevin Campbell-Wright.

The Constitution, formally constituting the Worth Valley Storytelling Guild was laid before the meeting and duly adopted.

Election of Officers and Committee:

The following were nominated and duly elected:

Chair – Adam Sargant proposed Sian Sargant seconded Julie Marie Atkins

Secretary – Jim Pickles proposed J. Craig Melia seconded Julie Marie Atkins

Treasurer – Julie Marie Atkins proposed J. Craig Melia seconded Sian Sargant

Committee members – Kevin Campbell-Wright, Sian Sargant and J. Craig Melia proposed Adam Sargant
seconded Jim Pickles

Other business:

(i) Adam to research requirements for opening a bank account
(ii) Adam to investigate the availability and circulate potential domain names

To put on the Agenda for next meeting:
Marketing, Web and Branding, (raised by Craig). Fundraising (raised by Adam).

Date of next meeting:
The proposed date of next meeting is 24th January 2013, at 8pm

The meeting closed at 9pm