Thursday 22nd August 2013

Minutes of a committee meeting, held at Haworth Old Hall, Sun Street, Haworth, West Yorkshire, on Thursday 22nd August 2013 at 20:00

Present: Adam Sargant, Jim Pickles, Craig Melia.

Apologies for absence: Sian Sargant, Julie Atkins, Kevin Campbell-Wright.

The minutes of the July meeting were read and duly approved.

Matters Arising :

Now associate members of KIVCA. Full membership will be granted on confirmation of WVSG bank account.

Bank account – further details of individuals were requested by the Co-op Bank, and were supplied. Worth Talking/Tales Worth Telling – Method statement written up, goals, personnel etc.

Considered that a start should be made, before grant applications, to have something to show.

Jim to add Adam to a FaceBook Steampunk page so that Adam can keep up with the latest developments on the Haworth Steampunk Weekend.

Chairman’s business: An approach has been made by the Wuthering Heights Inn at Stanbury who wish to host storytelling evenings throughout the winter months. Adam to enquire further.

Due to being a member of KIVCA now, WVSG can now progress the schools competition. Adam to enquire whether his employer would offer sponsorship for this. Rotary Club or Young Farmers may also be able to help.

Secretary’s business: The secretary had no further business

Treasurer’s Business: The treasurer had no further business

Marketing, web and branding: Nothing to report separately from any items covered in other minutes.

Fundraising: None.


Adam may be able to attend a “Le Grand Depart” meeting in Halifax. Jim attended the Oakworth Fairy Festival.

Jim intends attending a storytelling day in York at the end of August.

There was no Any Other Business

Next meeting: 19th September 2013 at the Haworth Old Hall at 20:00

The meeting closed at 20:30