Thursday 23rd May 2013

Minutes of a committee meeting, held at Haworth Old Hall, Sun Street, Haworth, West Yorkshire, on Thursday 23rd May 2013 at 20:00

Present: Adam Sargant, Sian Sargant, Jim Pickles, Craig Melia.

Apologies for absence: Julie Atkins, Kevin Campbell-Wright.

The April meeting was cancelled, therefore the minutes of the March meeting were read and duly approved.

Matters arising: Adam Sargant was aware that progress still needed to be made on opening a bank account.

There was no Chairmans business.

There was no Secretary’s business.

The Treasurer had reported that there had been no progress on opening a bank account.

Marketing, web and branding:
It was reported that there was Twitter and FaceBook activity.
Feeds into the WVSG website should be considered.
Adam Sargant now holds the rights to the domain name.
Need for a project to build initial branding around considered.
A Haworth Storytelling Day was considered, as opposed to a longer event. It was generally agreed that sporadic one day events would be preferable/should be promoted.
No representation at Haworth Festival is likely (this year).
Storytelling amongst sculptures at Craig Dyson’s studio was considered.
An inadvertent mention of a storytelling event that did not happen had been made in the local Keighley News newspaper.
Generally, storytelling needs more promotion.
The website needs to attract more use. Possibly by linking to sites containing published stories.
Adam Sargant and Craig Melia to work on developing the website.
Sian Sargant suggested that the associated “Storytelling Circle” should tour the pubs, either a different pub each month or a series of different pubs in one evening.
Possibility of promoting a joint storytelling and poetry event at “Exchange Arts” in Keighley.
The possibility of promoting an event in Oxenhope is “still on the cards”.

Fundraising: No progress to report.

There was no Any other business

Next meeting: 20th June 2013 at the Haworth Old Hall
The meeting closed at 20:53