Thursday 25th July 2013

Minutes of a committee meeting, held at Haworth Old Hall, Sun Street, Haworth, West Yorkshire, on Thursday 25th July 2013 at 20:00

Present: Adam Sargant, Sian Sargant, Jim Pickles, Craig Melia.

Apologies for absence: Julie Atkins, Kevin Campbell-Wright.

The minutes of the June meeting were read and duly approved.

Matters Arising:

All documents regarding the Bank application were now ready for posting. Nothing has been heard back from KIVCA, yet.

“How to start up a storytelling group” page has been added to the website.

International Earth Day – Adam is to stage an event for this at Cobbles & Clay, Haworth. It is planned for the Tuesday after Easter Monday 2014. Adam owns the domain name “”

Web-logs being/to be further updated.

Formalisation of relationship with Haworth Storytelling Circle:

It was proposed by Adam Sargant, Seconded by Craig Melia and generally agreed that The Haworth Storytelling Circle becomes an offshoot project of the Worth Valley Storytelling Guild.


The Chairman has been in touch with Exchange Arts in Keighley as another storytelling venue. A not particularly useful slot has been offered but talks are ongoing to find a better one. Discussions with venue deferred until September. Sian considered alternating between Haworth and Keighley, but Adam was worried that people may be confused and would go to the wrong venue. Adam suggested that Keighley be staged quarterly and Haworth remain monthly. Craig wondered whether Keighley could be the venue for teaching modules. It was suggested that Keighley also be opened up for poetry. It was definitely decided that Haworth Old Hall must not be lost as a venue.

Chairman’s business: The chairman had no further business. Secretary’s business: The secretary had no further business Treasurer’s Business: The treasurer had no further business
Worth Valley Storytelling Guild

Marketing, web and branding:

Craig has been putting Pdf and web pages together.

Adam has added links to other storytelling websites to the website, searchable by locality to a user’s postcode.


Opportunities for grant monies for Worth Valley projects are available via the Oxenhope Online website. The Worth Valley Storytelling Guild should consider making a bid for funding. Ideas are already forming for capturing local peoples stories, including both young and old people, by recording conversations. A target of 25 captures per year was considered. Craig (leading), Adam and Kevin to draw up a specification for an application and to be the core group for a “Worth Talking” / “Tales Worth Telling” project. The results of which would be posted on the website, as a social media resource.

The general principals of this project were proposed by Adam, seconded by Sian and generally agreed.

The specifications, which will be open for general comment, are to be ready for the next meeting. Storytelling walks were also considered.


Details of the Earthday event have been submitted to “Le Grand Depart” for inclusion in their festival.

Dates for Haworth Storytelling Circle have been posted early on the web. Next local event – Oakworth Fairy Festival, 10th August – 12noon to 6pm. Steampunk Festival in Haworth 23rd & 24th November

There was no Any Other Business

Next meeting: 22nd August 2013 at the Haworth Old Hall

The meeting closed at 20:46